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 Bethany Reservoir Sediment Removal

Bethany Reservoir Sediment Removal

The Department of Water Resources (DWR) has adopted a Mitigated Negative Declaration (MND) for work at Bethany Reservoir in Alameda County.

The Bethany Reservoir Sediment Removal Project includes actions to ensure the continued safe operation of the Bethany Reservoir, part of the State Water Project. The proposed project consists of removing accumulated sediment at the submerged intake structure and placing the sediment at the South Bay Pumping Plant disposal site. Sediment removal is necessary to prevent obstruction of, or damage to the outlet works when it is exercised annually pursuant to dam safety requirements. The annual exercising of intake valves at the reservoir has been postponed for 5 years because of the accumulation of sediment.

DWR adopted the Final MND on June 3, 2015. Information regarding the Final MND is listed below.

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Contact:  Gerald Snow
                California Department of Water Resources
                Division of Operations and Maintenance
                1416 Ninth Street, Sixth Floor
                Sacramento, CA 95814
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Initial Study / Final Mitigated Negative Declaration

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