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 Salado Creek Maintenance Project

Salado Creek Channel Maintenance Project

The Department of Water Resources (DWR) has adopted a Mitigated Negative Declaration (MND) for the Salado Creek Channel Maintenance Project in Stanislaus County.

Maintenance of the Salado Creek overchute and adjacent portions of Salado Creek has not been undertaken for approximately a decade, resulting in growth of vegetation and an accumulation of sediment above the level of the concrete structure on the upstream side. Accumulation of sediment and vegetation within and adjacent to the overchute increases the potential for water in Salado Creek to back up behind the aqueduct embankment during a storm event. DWR’s Delta Field Division (DFD) proposes to remove the sediment and vegetation that has grown in and along the channel in order to return the overchute structure and adjacent portions of Salado Creek to as-built conditions and restore the capacity of the overchute to convey the natural streamflow unimpeded downstream. This work is scheduled to occur biennially, when summer creek flow conditions permit work within the channel (approximately June-November) 2016-2020.

DWR adopted the MND after December 29, 2015. Information regarding the Final MND is listed below.

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Contact:  Anthony Chu
                California Department of Water Resources
                Division of Operations and Maintenance
                1416 Ninth Street, Sixth Floor
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                Phone: (916) 653-9978
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                E‐mail: anthony.chu@water.ca.gov


Initial Study / Final Mitigated Negative Declaration

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